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APR 2013

Feedlots and cow/calf operations in the beef industry who feed 500 or more has annually on grains and concentrates; maintain 500 or more beef cows; backgrounder, stocker/grower, preconditioner; veterinarian, nutritionist, consultant

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STOCKER SPECIAL ���� BY JILL J. DUNKEL ���������������������������������������������������������������� Ancient medicine knew the benefits of live yeast, and now cattlemen are utilizing live yeast to benefit cattle. Early formulations were geared as probiotics, and now scientists are looking at yeast products to promote animal health. Dr. Kerry Barling says the cattle industry has been using yeast products for decades for its nutritional benefits, but research is showing certain specific strains of yeast used in preconditioning and backgrounding programs have shown a significant improvement in the reduction of respiratory pulls. Barling is a technical service veterinarian with Lallemand Animal Nutrition. He cited research from Kansas State University using lightweight calves trucked from Tennessee. All of the calves were treated metaphylactically. The research showed a 40% reduction in respiratory pulls in those calves that received the active yeast compared to the calves that did not. ���Those are pretty significant numbers, considering today���s cattle industry,��� Barling states. ���The economics of a sick calf goes way beyond the cost of antibiotics; the producer���s time is important.��� The specific strain of yeast the cattle were treated with was Saccharomyces cerevisiae subspecies boulardii CNCM I-1079, which is 60 ft. Reach, 120 ft. Working Diameter LAGOON CLEANING, CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGN ��� Full line of support equipment including the Trac-Hoe with 60 ft. reach. ��� Compare. We can load our trucks in 4 minutes flat! ��� 24-Hour Nationwide Emergency Service ��� Underwater Work ... Our Specialty! ��� Complete Environmental Services Check out our Web Page @ www.lagoonpros.com D & K ENVIRONMENTAL, Inc. (800) 555-6380 Fax: (316) 275-1156 Fax: (620) 275-1156 Office: (316) 275-8032 Office: (620) 275-8032 Home: (620) 276-7898 Home: (316) 276-7898 Circle No. 112 on Reply 14 Circle No. 113 on Reply FEED���LOT April/May 2013

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