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APR 2013

Feedlots and cow/calf operations in the beef industry who feed 500 or more has annually on grains and concentrates; maintain 500 or more beef cows; backgrounder, stocker/grower, preconditioner; veterinarian, nutritionist, consultant

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���������������������������������������� marketed as ProTernative SF 0.35 Titan from Lallemand Animal Nutrition. S. boulardii is a naturally occurring, dry active yeast that has been shown to benefit the intestinal microbes. ���This yeast works differently than some other yeasts in that it works primarily in the small intestine as opposed to the rumen,��� Barling explains. ���In the small intestine, we know S. boulardii increases production of IgA which is produced from the lining of mucous membranes like the intestine. Looking at the microscopic villi in the intestine, these structures are healthier in animals fed this product. A healthier gut equals a healthier animal. In a Texas Tech study, calves fed ProTernative went to feed faster and stayed on feed, even through stressful times. ���Increased feed uptake helps with the calves��� overall health and results in less morbidity and mortality,��� Barling says. ���We���ve dealt with shipping fever for more than 50 years, primarily by developing better antibiotics and vaccines, and we haven���t decreased the numbers of cattle dealing with the disease.��� ���If we can find ways to mitigate stress in cattle, it���s a positive. Stress is a key component in cattle getting sick. We know some management changes that reduce stress. But in the face of stress, if we can add a naturally occurring compound in the preconditioning or receiving program that helps lessen the affects of stress, it���s a win-win. From the preconditioning and stocker arena to feedyards receiving cattle, this product has been shown to have a place in reducing the effects of stress.��� Keeping feed consumption up is a key part of a calf���s ability to resist disease, Barling notes. When cattle go off feed, their bodies become dehydrated and depleted of stored nutrients. ���If we can keep cattle on feed and water, they can handle disease and stress better,��� he says. A specific active yeast like ProTernative SF 0.35 Titan can be added to a preconditioning or receiving ration through feed mixing or by top dressing It is highly palatable and encourages feed uptake. ���Utilization of the product can also be used in natural beef programs,��� Barling says. ���With increased feed uptake, the health of the calves tends to stay much better, which reduces morbidity and mortality. By feeding ProTernative SF 0.35 Titan, fewer animals fall FL out of a natural program.��� ��� World leader of steam flake production facilities ��� Full service millwright ��� Grain handling and storage products ��� Engineering and construction services ROLLER MILLS ��� Available sizes: ��� 18������x36������, 24������x48������, 24������x56������ ��� Quality, consistent flake production ��� Heaviest mill in the industry ��� Built in stainless steel pegfeeder ��� Best quality rolls and shafts ��� Heavy duty TEFC motors ��� Frame machined to exact tolerances ��� All bearings have a central greasing system ��� Belt guards quick and easy to remove, no bolts ��� Both rolls come out of the front of the mill ��� Rail system for easy roll removal ��� Exclusive isolation system prevents vibration in the mill as well as the surrounding equipment for noise reduction and longer equipment life Gearn, Inc has been a leading manufacturer of world class steam flaking facilities and long-life products since 1949. We are a vertically integrated company with a proven machine and fabrication shop, a trusted millwright group, and in-house engineering and design. GEARN, INC Hereford, TX (806) 357-2222 www.gearn.com info@gearn.com Circle No. 114 on Reply FEED���LOT April/May 2013 15

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