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APR 2013

Feedlots and cow/calf operations in the beef industry who feed 500 or more has annually on grains and concentrates; maintain 500 or more beef cows; backgrounder, stocker/grower, preconditioner; veterinarian, nutritionist, consultant

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had reached our limit. I looked at him and simply stated, ���With all due respect���.If you were actually doing all the things you say you are doing, production here would be setting records���.not providing proof of mediocrity.��� He was blind to his ineffectiveness, and lived a life of self-deception rather than self-awareness. He was given 30 days to correct the situation, but left after only 10 days. Though this true situation is a somewhat extreme example, it illustrates the level to which some can lack self-awareness. Many of us have a blind spot in one or two areas, so we need others to point those out for us. Here are some strategies for dealing with a blind manager: ��� Do regular coaching. Don���t wait until there is a crisis. Get people accustomed to discussions about their performance as soon as they are hired and make sure that these discussions are specific, production focused and positive. ��� Establish clear expectations. Employees cannot reach the desired level of performance if it is not well defined and reinforced on a consistent basis. ��� Have production goals. Each area of the operation should have written, regularly discussed, targets to achieve. ��� Focus on facts, not opinion. If changes to procedures are made based on someone���s opinion rather than accurate production records, the employees feel like anyone can play along. They feel their opinions ought to be just as good as anyone else���s. Use production data to indicate the best way to move forward and improve performance. ��� Strive for Excellence. Set standards high enough that they are a challenge to meet, and that require everyone���s full focus and 100 percent effort to achieve consistently. ��� Praise regularly. I���ve done thousands of one-on-one interviews with employees over the last many years, and I have never, ever had an employee say, ���You know what the problem is around here? I get praised way too much!��� Praise is the deposit that we make in the Bank of Goodwill that allows us to make a few withdrawals when we ask people to work harder, put in extra effort, or modify their behaviors. Zoetis accepting research proposals for 2013 Cattle Call program Zoetis, formerly Pfizer Animal Health, announces the return of the Cattle Call grant program and is accepting research proposals for improving cattle reproduction or developing models for managing cattle pain. The Cattle Call supports the development of new products and services that improve the health and productivity of beef cattle. In 2013, Zoetis will fund one or more researchers with a grant of up to $150,000, with minimum funding of $25,000. ���The inaugural Cattle Call grant program in 2012 successfully brought forth many new ideas and technologies that are helping to address important needs in the veterinary and cattle industries,��� says Michelle Haven, PhD, senior vice president, corporate development, alliances and solutions, Zoetis. ���We are very excited about the research we helped fund for improving productivity and immune function in cattle, and we look forward to building on our partnerships to expand research into reproduction and pain manageFL ment in 2013.��� For more information, contact cattlecall@zoetis.com. The application deadline is April 30, 2013. Total self-awareness is rare, but great coaches know that the process of improving overall self-awareness is essential to maturity and provides the best opportuFL nity for a person to reach their full potential. For more information on this topic and others related to employee management, contact Don at 765-523-3259 or don@dontyler.com Circle No. 118 on Reply FEED���LOT April/May 2013 19

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