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APR 2013

Feedlots and cow/calf operations in the beef industry who feed 500 or more has annually on grains and concentrates; maintain 500 or more beef cows; backgrounder, stocker/grower, preconditioner; veterinarian, nutritionist, consultant

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was always getting run over.��� Or pushed behind a gate, or kicked, or getting something pinched, or any other number of injuries that go with working cattle. The new system, in place for three years, utilizes hydraulicallycontrolled Turret gates and Moly chutes to move cattle through two side-by-side tubs. The hydraulic gates move the cattle through the entire system, from the time they leave the truck, without hands-on attention from the herdsmen. The gates are operated by a panel of levers in a crow���s nest situated between the two tubs. ���It doesn���t take any less guys, but they���re not right down in there,��� says Thramer. He designed the system to include features that can make it convertible to manual operation when needed. Aside from providing a safer working environment for the herdsmen, the mechanical ���� Above: Alleyways coming out of the chutes are controlled by hydraulic gates. Cattle can be sorted in several different pens as they leave the working facility. Inset: A hydraulic wheel powers the gates back and forth. Circle No. 105 on Reply FEED���LOT April/May 2013 7

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